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Payment Methods

TradeBakerZ can be integrated with four payment methods.

Note: Atleast one Payment Method Should Selected in order to proceed with TradeBakerZ.

Direct Bank Transfer

Take payments in person via BACS(Banker's Automated Clearing Services). More commonly known as direct bank/wire transfer.

Follow the below steps to integrate Direct Bank Transfer

  1. Enable Direct Bank Transfer

  2. Click on Manage to configure Direct Bank Transfer

  3. Enable bank transfer, Enter Bank Title, Bank Description, Instructions and Bank Account Details

Check Payments

Take payments in person via checks. This offline gateway can also be useful to test purchases.

Follow the below steps to integrate Check Payments

  1. Enable Check Payments

  2. Click on Manage to configure Check Payments

  3. Enable Check Payments, Enter Title, Description and Instructions for Check Payments

Cash On Delivery

Have your customers pay with cash (or by other means) upon delivery.

  1. Enable Cash On Delivery

  2. Click on Manage to configure Cash On Delivery

  3. Enable Cash On Delivery, Enter Title, Description, Select Shipping Methods and Check off Virtual Orders

Paypal Integration

For this, you need to have account with Paypal. To apply for Paypal account click here

If you have already created then you just need to change Paypal Client Id and Paypal Method. For this go to.

    ├── WooCommerce

and change PaypalClientId with your Id.

 Keys: {
        ConsumeKey: 'ck_f3a2b3e6c809b28191a0353630e47d10d88a05a1',
        ConsumerSecret: 'cs_52c136bda78ca55619a1b8c950855a93654f9087',
        PaypalClientId: 'AVV7COoIlpQUFIrDhmVmMF4XXUhLWw3liXp5J6-wqC6zqn5SyGds5VZLvOAqBHr7h-uEIRuhW7eo8Ow4', // Paypal Client ID
        PaypalMethod: PayPal.SANDBOX // 3 env available: NO_NETWORK, SANDBOX, PRODUCTION

Now if you are running on sandbox mode, select PaypalMethod as Paypal.SANDBOX otherwise you should use the production environment PayPal.PRODUCTION